How to hide external-link icon on the canvas of Excalibrain plugin (what class?)


Can you please help me identify the correct class of
external-link icon on the canvas (Excalibrain plugin) ?

THE external-link icon:

Thank you very much!

I mean, it’s very similar to the external link icon.

Here’s how to remove the icon from the editor:


background-image: none!important;

How to hide external-link icon on the CANVAS of Excalibrain plugin ?


Perhaps Excalibrain also uses a template you could alter? :thinking:

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Hi @Gururu !

on where it says, “Excalidraw template file”

Could not find this option.
Would you be able to send me a screenshot, please?

To this day, the problem is still relevant. I’m looking for a solution.

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“Excalidraw template file”

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Hi @Gururu ! Thanks for the reply!

The thing is that I don’t have this file at all, neither in Obsidian nor in the file manager:

Where could it be?

Hey @friendlmickle, how u doing!? Oh, I see what you’re saying. You yourself have to create that file.

  1. First, create a new drawing

  2. Then, click on the three lines icon (the menu) at the bottom left and click on the “Open as Markdown” option
    Screenshot from 2023-08-16 14-15-07

  3. Now, edit it however you want. In this case, since you want to stop the tag automation that happens every time you create an excalidraw drawing, right? Remove the “tags: [excalidraw]”

  4. Then, after you’ve done that or anything you changed, rename the file as “Template.excalidraw”

  5. Now, store that template file wherever you want in vault (e.g. under your templates folder, if you have one). Then go to the Excalidraw Plug-in Settings, and describe the “Template.excalidraw” location in your vault (e.g. Extras/Templates/Template.excalidraw) on where it says, “Excalidraw template file”

  6. There you go! Glad to help!

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