How to have a auto-spacing by using plugin Latex Suite or other methods?

I’m using Latex Suite this plugin, and I want to have a snippet that has auto-spacing after the things I type

To be more specific, when I want to have “$2 \ 5$”. I have to type “2”, “space”, “\”, “space", and “5”. I want to improve this to be “2”, “space”, and “5” in a double dollar sign environment.

Since I’m using Latex Suite, I wrote down this

"{trigger: " ", replacement: “\”, options: “mA”}, "

in the snippet file.

However, if I type “2”, and “space” in the double dollar sign, I will get “2#\” where # is the position of my cursor.

Could you fix this for me or tell me other methods of solving this problem? Thank you very much.

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