How to handle name collisions, namespaces, ambiguous names

so in Roam, I fell into a habit of using / to disambiguate terms. in reality, I probably could’ve used a - or even just a space. but now I have 118 folders in my vault. an example is, I have a and a “Movie/”, to distinguish between the medical term and the movie.

so my question is, what should I do now? I can write scripts to move them (and update references too), but the question is, what should my target be? I don’t need folders to organize the info, I’m happy to let the page names and relationships do that for me.

Check Nick Milo’s newest LYT kit.

You say no folders, but he has a lightweight structure that might help you keep vertigo and Vertigo separate in a non-hacky, sensible, non-fragile way.

In my tag naming system your Vertigo might be …

a-mv-vertigo >>> meaning arts|movies|vertigo
hc-ent-vertigo >>> meaning health conditions|ears nose throat|vertigo

When I initially set up my flat hierarchy system and was unsure where to put them I would check Wikipedia’s categories or do a search in Curlie

Actually I both prepend & pospend my tags with “-” so as to make them more visible in a Graph as well as easily searchable in regex queries …

I guess my trouble with tags and folders are they get out of hand and I start forgetting which ones to use once I get too many. I do like his idea of using folders to make it easier to filter searches. I might be able to use that for about 3 or 4 things. not sure.

I did actually try to create a new item in an existing folder in obsidian but it didn’t work the way I wanted to. I just wanted to create, let’s call it [[a/b]]. so I just created that link in obsidian then clicked on it to create the page. but now when I search for it it shows a/b in the search rather than b in the folder a

Just to clarify, I was referring to tags


“get out of hand and I start forgetting”
… that is precisely why my system works for me.
If I’m unsure what tag to use then typing the “top/left most” part of my tag …

#a- >>> arts
#ch- >>> computing hardware
#cs- >>> computing software

#hc- >>> health conditions
#hn- >>> health nutrition

#sp- >>> sports

… into the search box will bring up the subset in the dropdown.
No big thinking involved, but different strokes for different folks :slight_smile:

ya, I do like your tagging structure.

I’m quite confused with the folder structure right now. in a test note, I have this:

  • [[Movie/Vertigo]]
  • [[B]]

on disk I have:

[I] ➜ ls Movie/  A/
Movie/  A/

oh I think I just found my confusion. Movie/ came from roam, and the import script I used added frontmatter:

title:   Movie/Vertigo
created: 1970-01-19

I think maybe that accounts for the page showing me Movie/Vertigo and B instead

I took the title out of the frontmatter of Movie/Vertigo, but it didn’t matter. so what is the difference between Movie/ and A/ so they are displayed differently? they look the same in the CMD-O search

ok, I figured it out. Movie/Vertigo always shows as Movie/Vertigo because there is also a in the top folder, so obsidian is showing the folder name too to resolve the ambiguity (and in a case-insensitive manner, too).

the A/ I created, well there was no in the top level, so there was no ambiguity. as soon as I created at the top level, my existing mentions of [[B]] instantly changed to [[A/B]].

I feel better now :slight_smile:

Houston, stand down - everything solved!

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