How to give the humanized output of a dataviewjs snippet in my language

I have this dataviewjs code in my note:

const changed = moment(dv.current().geändert, "LLLL", "de")
const today = moment()
const changed_duration = moment.duration(today - changed)
dv.paragraph("Etwa " + changed_duration.humanize()+" seit der letzten Änderung.")

I use it with natural language dates plugin.

which shows me time passed since the last change of the note:


The amount of time was always shown in german language. I’m not sure, but I think this has changed since the latest realease of obsidian or dataview or latest language dates plugin.

What can I do, to show the humanized output in german language?

I changed de to DE_de, DE-de, nl, nz, … but nothing works as expected.

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I found the problem in the timethings plugin.

(An issue is opened.)