How to get the iOS app

How do I get the iOS app? I have followed the process in the help pages such as badges, discord etc. But I cannot find where to request access through test flight. Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you.

I have signed up and paid for a supporter account, carried out the forum and discord badge process, and searched the forum. I cannot find a place to request access to the test flight app?

What I’m trying to do

Hi @Fire-VR, I only see you have an insider badge, not a supporter one. Could you try readding your badges both here and on discord?

Please note that there are three tiers of Catalyst licenses, and right now the beta is only available to the later two (Supporters and VIPs).

Oh, it appears I have signed up for the wrong level then. Thank you for your reply by the way. I misunderstood “supporter” and thought by contributing to a paid package I was “supporting”. I just had brief look and it appears that there isn’t a way to upgrade without paying the full amount for the next level. I can’t afford much so is there a way to pay the difference? Thanks again.

Upgrading is indeed only the difference! From insider to supporter that should be only $25.

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Once you do the upgrade they will update your account and you can hop on discord to get the download link :slight_smile:

…I am a supporter, but have no idea how to find the iOS app download link in Discord #mobile (I’m not really familiar with discord)…

don’t worry - found the pinned message

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