How to get the current date into the top window frame

Is there a chance to get this

`=dateformat(this.ende, "DDDD '[KW'WW']'")`

somewhere in the window frame title of Obsidian?

<Strg-Shift-i> does not allow me to inspect this area.

I’m fairly certain that inline Dataview queries will only work in the body of notes. I think you’ll need a plugin to put a date into arbitrary parts of the UI.

Hopefully someone has a clever solution.

Yes, a plugin would be the best solution.

I only found 2 workarounds. (I always want to see the current calendar week, day of week and date.)

Workaround 1:

The upper is the cronology plugin.

Workaround 2:

I set a note to the right bottom (by dragging). Typically I use it for pasting some temporary informations to avoid to open Notepad++.

But I can’t get rid of the space wasting elements.

The snippet clean-embeds.css seems not to help:

clean-embeds.css (3.4 KB)

tags: [abcde, xyz]
filename: temp
erstellt: Donnerstag, 19. Oktober 2023, 10:50:30 Uhr
geändert: Montag, 23. Oktober 2023, 12:04:53 Uhr

filename: Datum
erstellt: Sonntag, 05. November 2023, 10:39:18 Uhr
geändert: Sonntag, 05. November 2023, 10:43:59 Uhr
cssclasses: holidaygreen, clean-embeds

<sub>`=dateformat(date(today), "'[KW'WW'] 'DDDD")`</sub>

I wish, I could see only the green part.


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