How to get only the year from Book Search publishDate variable

Dear all,

I started to use the book search plugin last week. It is really amazing. I have one small issue: publishDate keeps returning a full date, even though the documentation talks about publication year.

I tried to use {{publishDate:YYYY}}, but it did not work. I returns an string {{publishDate:YYYY}}. I believe it is possible to extract the year using js with Templater, but first I’d like to see if anyone of you know a way of formatting it without Templater.

Thanks a lot.

You can play with the dateformat function.

I use the following dataview to get count of files by year from the date modified folder

TABLE length(rows) as Num_Folder
WHERE important = “on”
GROUP BY dateformat(file.mtime, “yyyy”) as Year

Year5 Num_Folder
2018 97
2019 91
2020 39
2021 24
2022 48

Thanks, Duncan.

I’m looking to have only the year saved in the note.

For now, I used the following code as a workaround:

const publishDate = "{{publishDate}}"
let publishYear = publishDate.slice(0,4);
tR += `published_at: ${publishYear}`
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