How to get dv.current().file.folder with dv.pages('" "')?

Things I have tried

dv.pages('"${dv.current().file.folder}"') (soft coded)
dv.pages('"111/222/333/2022-10-22"')(hard coded)

What I’m trying to do

They are name of folders. I am in 2022-10-22 folder.
I would like to use dv.current().file.folder to get current folder because I use template plugin.
├── 111
│ └── 222
│ └── 333
│ ├── 2022-10-22
│ ├── 2022-10-23
│ ├── 2022-10-29
│ ├── 2022-11-01
│ └── 2022-11-19

But I don’t know why dv.pages('"${dv.current().file.folder}"') can not show the md files of 2022-10-22
dv.pages('"111/222/333/2022-10-22"')can show…but this is hard coded, I would not like to use hard coded…
so anyone can solve it? Thank you…

Change your single quotes ' to backticks `.

Your variable is being passed as the literal string the way you have it.

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Thank you very much!!! :slight_smile:

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