How to get "data:/xx" to not register as a link?

I tried searching this forum and google for an answer, but I’m not exactly sure what the cause of the problem is, so I may not have used the right keywords.

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to type lines like grafana_data:/var/lib/grafana and data:/etc/influxdb2 for documentation, but for some reason the specific combination of “data”, “:/”, and at least two characters causes the line, starting with “data”, to be recognized as a hyperlink. Nothing that I’ve found except “data” causes this, change it to “dat”, or “xyz”, or anything else I’ve tried and it doesn’t register as a hyperlink, although capitals don’t seem to matter (“DaTa”, “DATA”, “datA” still register).

[Edit: “file” seems to do that same thing as “data”]

Things I have tried

Looked for a way to turn off an individual hyperlink, but found nothing.
Looked for a way to turn off all hyperlinks, but found nothing (also would be an awful solution anyways).
If I change “data” to anything else it goes away (not a solution).
If I enter a character in between “:” and “/” it goes away (using a space is my current solution, but TBH that’s a stupid solution).
I have not installed any plugins at all, this is a fairly fresh install and is not synced with my account.
I may have missed something, but I could not find any relevant settings to change in the options menu.

If there’s a way to turn off automatic registering of hyperlinks altogether that’d be awesome. Markdown has syntax for adding hyperlinks, if I want a link somewhere, I’ll add it, I don’t need obsidian making guesses at what’s a link and what isn’t.

Hi @darkextratoasty

I don’t know if there is a way to turn it off globally, but you can keep individual entries from changing by either using an escape character like I put here after the word data:


Or by surrounding the whole thing with back ticks (character on the same key as the ~). Which is for including inline code:


Both will probably change the color of the text, but you could fix that with custom CSS if it really bothers you.


Adding the "" worked just fine and didn’t end up changing the color of the text, thank you.

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