How to fix borken resources from Joplin?


I need to move from Joplin to Obsidian. Most of my notes work except that some internal links to images are broken. It looks like Joplin imported them as some kind of html thing, I am not a web dev.

One example is the content below. The resource (A) is broken, the resource (B) works well in Obsidian. I have no idea why Joplin imported (A) as is. How can I fix this? The image resource 127ffaed028900575ea2080b488561bd.png is there in the “_resources” folder, but Obsidian can’t access it I am guessing it is due to this html tag thing.

How can I automatically fix this? I have hundreds of notes like this so it would not be humanly possible to do this manually.

<img src="../../../_resources/127ffaed028900575ea2080b488561bd.png" alt="127ffaed028900575ea2080b488561bd.png" width="1358" height="925">



Is it copy of Joplin file or effect of Joplin export tool?
Do Joplin have pure Markdown file export option?

That example came from the Joplin export, but it is probably like that in the actual documents. Joplin has a rich text editor, I use both editors regularly, so I assume some of those images were pasted from the rich text which added those tags and lining.

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