How to find the screen position of an open note's pane?

Hi - If we could easily determine the screen coordinates of the pane displaying a particular note, we could designate one note as placeholder, and then use AutoHotkey’s WinMove and WinSet to position a window cleanly on top of it: for example, Windows QuickLook to view a file type Obsidian doesn’t display natively.

If the note isn’t visible, AHK could instruct Obsidian to open it via the obsidian:/// URI mechanism before checking its coordinates.

The set of open notes can be obtained from workspace in the .obsidian folder, but not their screen coordinates, which are somewhere in the document object and possibly also in %appdata%.

Present and alternative approach for now is to use an AHK hotkey to keep the reference window on top, and drag it to where it doesn’t block the Obsidian pane I’m working in.

Thanks for any insights!
Rgds - Jerome

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