How to find notes that have an older publication date than their translation in another note?

What I’m trying to do

I am writing a lot of notes that should have both a version in English and a version in Dutch. The two documents should be kept in sync. When one gets updated, the other document needs to be flagged as ‘to be updated’ so that both translations are in sync again.

Things I have tried

Currenty I have a manual ‘status’ property for this, but I would love to automate this.

Hey @Koen

I’m not good with search, but I would try with a third property id which contains the same value per document in the language.


  • Doc1 EN and Doc1 DU have the same
  • Doc2 EN and Doc2 DU have the same
  • Doc1 EN and Doc2 EN have NOT the same

With this, you could build a search string which checks for all files which have the same id and where the date is different.

Interesting, thanks!

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