How to exclude active note name in window title?

Since version 1.0, there is the active note name in window title. I would like to exclude this from the title, because it’s messing with a workspace manager I’m using which needs fixed windows names.

Thanks !

Try deactivating the option Settings > Appearance > Show inline title

I didn’t mean the inline title, I meant the title of the Obsidian’s window.

Like e.g. : If you launch notepad on Windows, the title of the window is “Untitled - Notepad”. Is it clearer ?


Settings > Appearance > Window frame style

Thanks, unfortunately all the styles include active note name in window title.

To whom it may help : Search for a plugin named “Active note to window title” by Joost Plattel. Despite the name, it also allows you to choose whatever custom title you want for the title bar ! This should be a native setting, but meanwhile it does the trick :slightly_smiling_face:

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