How to embed the contents of a note in another note but not the link?

I am using templater for my weekly note, I have various checklists on there that I tend to change a lot, and I thought it would be better to create separate notes for those checklists and update them there, then embed them inside those headings, however, when checking off the items they are checked off in the original note too. How can I embed the contents of a this ‘template note’ inside the specific place where I want to put it and generate based on all the recent changes in the weekly note?

I know this would probably require some JavaScript, I’m ready.

Not sure if I got the use case, but you can use:

<% tp.file.include(tp.file.find_tfile("your_template_task_file")) %>

To embed the content of your_template_task_file into your weekly template. This will copy the file’s content, so it will not create a link.

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This is exactly what I wanted! Far easier than I thought, thank you!

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