How to easily spot data coming from queries?

Hi All,

Some of my notes contain a mix of manually typed data, and data coming from tasks queries or dataview queries.

I think it would be handy that such “extracted” data is showed in grey (for example), so that I can easily see what can be directly edited versus what cannot (e.g. what comes from other notes).

Can I use CSS snippets to change the way such “queried” data is displayed?

Many thanks!

If stuff comes from dataview they’re tagged at the top level with dataview and dataviewcontainer so these classes should be usable for changing the appearance of the result. So here is a simple example which could be used in dark mode:

.theme-dark .dataview { 
   background-color: #101018;
   color: #787878;

Do note that if you’ve got other style settings applied, that this might be overruled by those settings. To counter that, you’d need to increase the specificity of these rules, or possible choose to style the overall queries in a different matter, i.e. borders, or other stuff.

Thank you (again)! :star_struck:

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