How to do Note Refactoring of content to the top of a new note?

Things I have tried

  • I have gone through the documentation of Note Refactor plugin but there doesn’t seem to be a solution to this

What I’m trying to do

  • I would like to allow the note refactor to copy the highlighted content to a new note (but to the top of the new note)
  • Currently the content gets copied only to the bottom
  • Most of new notes are super long and scrolling to the bottom to retrieve the latest content of the note is not ideal
  • I am looking for a hack/suggestions for another plugin which might accomplish this

This is my first post here. Hope to get some help! Thank you in advance!


I’m first of all a little confused as to you saying “to the bottom of a new note”. If it’s new, then it’s empty and has no top or bottom. So I’m assuming you been copying to an existing note.

From a technical point it’s harder to add text to the front, as you then need to rewrite the entire file, and it doesn’t seem the plugin offers that option.

However, it does provide an option to extract into new notes named using date/time as the name. If using a format which preserves alphabetical order, like the one suggested YYYYMMDDHHmm allows for a possible solution.

Now when you extract to new notes, you can then use dataview or text expander to collate the notes in reverse order and get your latest extractions on top.

This would also allow for later categorization, and various other extraction/collations of your excerpts, if that would be interesting.


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Thank you @holroy! This is a helpful workaround.

My bad on using the term “new” note. I meant existing, as you rightly understood

Hi @holroy I was wondering if there is any other plugin/hack, which might be able to accomplish the same task? Though I tried the above workaround, I realised it gets quite cumbersome for my usecase

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