How to distinguish tasks with special marks like [>]?

Hello everyone, I use [ ] to indicate general tasks, and use [>] to mark tasks that will be done a long time later. Like this

- [ ] task1
- [>] future task2

Now I want to show them separately, I tried dataview like this

WHERE !completed
	and !contains(text, "[>]")

to show general task exclude future task. But it doesn’t work.

I found that it may be because the text field only contains the part that can be displayed. For example, text of - [ ] task1 is task1.

What is the field name for dataview to get the entire line string?


To get the custom part within the square brackets, use status, so your query would typically look like:

WHERE status = ">"

Or if you were looking for multiple custom statuses:

WHERE contains(list(">", "<", "/"), status)

Thanks! You helped me a lot!

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