How to display YAML in Publish

In Obsidian itself i can choose to display yaml (frontmatter) in preview mode (gets rendered as code-block). Also it seems that any tags included in frontmatter gets a seperate collapsible box (called Metadata) where those tags are rendered (even if i choose to not display frontmatter).
Because of this, and also because for me it was a cleaner aproach i put all my tags in the frontmatter.
Now the issue is that this dont get rendered at all in Publish.

It might be an issue with my publish.css, but i found no Publish driven site that shows the frontmatter at all.

So my question: is it possible currently to show frontmatter in a similar way in Publish? If yes how exactly does it work?

If its currently not possible i would move this to a feature request.

EDIT: If its not possible to show all frontmatter, is there a way to display the tags? This seems to get handled differently in the app anyway (as tags in frontmatter get their own collabsible box in preview mode)


I found the solution:
display: inline;
border: 0px;

this rendered the metadata-box i know from the app in the website. It seems to be turned off (display:none) by default. The same way its possible to render the whole frontmatter data:
.markdown-preview-view:not(.show-frontmatter) .frontmatter
display: inline;

The frontmatter section i just tested with the browser dev tools, but the metadata-container for the tags i have now live on my site…

Seems its just not documented currently (and not included in any in-app settings)


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