How to display texts and their corresponding thumbnails as resizable grids?

I want to replicate this webpage which contains a collection of softwares and their thumbnails to my obsidian vault, but the best I can do was to create a two-column table using the markdown grammar with software names showing on the left and their thumbnails(in markdown links) on the right. The things is, the thumbnails are too large unless I create additional columns on the right. So is there anyway I can reduce the size of the thumbnails and have them displayed in a more comfortable view?

You could have a look at efemkay’s Image Gallery CSS:


Minimal’s Image grids feature:

You might be able to use one of those to achieve the look you are going for.

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Thanks, but is it possible, using the two solutions you suggested, to add a caption to each image, instead of merely displaying them as a gallery? Also I wonder if it is possible to edit them in a live preview mode, like how tables in typora are edited, instead of having to edit them in the source mode, where you can easily lose your way?

If you want more texts, you could explore the cards options within the Minimal theme. That would allow for a variety of other options and text, and so on.

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