How to Disable Highlighted Bullet of Collapsed List

What I’m trying to do

I want to disable the highlighting of the lead bullet for a collapsed list. When the list is expanded its fine, all the bullets are uniformly black. But when the list is collapsed there is an arrow pointing to the top level and the bullet and fringe is highlighted. See the screenshot below - I would like to change the color of the arrow and bullet to black and disable the coloring of the fringe around the bullet (or have it match the background color.

The first image is of my customized Minimal theme, the second is with no theme.

Things I have tried

  • I’m using the Minimal theme and went through the settings but didn’t find anything relevant.
  • I created a css snippet and experimented with it. Easy to change the color of the bullets and size, but it doesn’t affect the highlighting around the bullet. I have no idea how to modify the color of the arrow.

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