How to delete unused properties permanently and prevent them from showing up in the auto-populated properties menu (the one that pops up when adding a new property)

Subject: Need Help Deleting Properties from Auto-populated Dropdown

Hi Obsidian Community! :wave:

I’m running into an issue with the auto-populated dropdown for properties in Obsidian, and I was wondering if anyone here has a solution.

The Problem :thinking:

When I’m adding new properties, Obsidian suggests a dropdown list that seems to be auto-populated based on previous entries. I can see these properties when I click on “View All Properties,” but I can’t figure out how to remove them permanently from the list.

What I’ve Tried :wrench:

I tried to resolve this by opening the types.json file in VS Code. I can see the properties that I’ve created in this file, and when I add new ones, they do show up here. However, there are other properties that appear in the “View All Properties” list that are not in this types.json file.

Specific Issue :dart:

In particular, I’m trying to delete the property link that I created a while ago. I want to use link(s) instead. When I type “lin” and press “Enter,” it defaults to link, not link(s), which is not what I want.

Questions :question:

  1. How can I permanently delete a property from the auto-populated dropdown list?
  2. Is there a specific file other than types.json where these properties are stored?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance! :pray:

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I’ve run into the same issue. I was experimenting the properties and now want to remove a couple of them but haven’t figured out a way to do so.

Have you found a workaround in the meantime?


See the following thread for some of the same discussions, and the solutions it provides.

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