How to delete previous versions stored in sync version control?

Things I have tried

I tried to search for “sync delete version history” and variations of that same phrase on this forum which only yielded results about people having problems with stuff accidentally getting deleted.

I also tried looking in the .obsidian folder to look for files that might store some information about previous versions of a file, in hope that I could find something to delete.

What I’m trying to do

I want to delete the previous versions of some documents that have been synced.

Some background:
I am using meld encrypt (a plugin) to encrypt parts of a note.
Once I have encrypted the note, I dont want the unencrypted version of a note to be accessible without knowing my encryption password.
However the unencrypted (previous) version of the note is available by just clicking “view sync version history” and reverting to the state before the note got encrypted.

Is there any way to delete the previous versions stored by obsidian sync (while not deleting the note and keeping the most recent version intact)?

Is the version history stored locally, or on a server that gives me no interface to delete the version history?

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