How to create several notes when startup obsidian?

Hello everyone,
I am trying obsidian as a working tool for taking notes. However, every day I have to create 3 specific notes with the same template and my goal is to create these notes every time I open obsidian.

I searched for solutions both on the forum and on other websites, however I only found the Daily Notes feature that is able to create only 1 note.

If anyone has any idea how to create these notes automatically I’d appreciate it.

In the meantime I will continue my search for a solution

If you use the Templater plugin to create the daily note, then it’s capable of also creating other notes as part of creating the daily note. You can also then apply other templates to the various files.

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If I was in your position I will do the following.

Downloading the plugins:

  • QuickAdd
  • Templater (if you need advanced dating config for your templates. For example generating the quarter, month and week values of a daily note.

Create a macro that will create all three of the specified notes. Create a new choice in QuickAdd under Macro, then select the macro you just created.

The good thing about QuickAdd is values can be passed through the whole macro, so if you had {{VALUE:Customer}} then first entered input for customer will filter through all macro tasks. The issue here is if you are listing different customers, then this will need to be changed accordingly.

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Hi @holroy and @lepusgriseo thank you very much for replying to this post :slight_smile:
I will test your approaches
I will provide input once I have reached a resolution.

Your approach solved my needs, I have already marked your suggestion as a solution.
Thank you very much :blush: :blush:

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