How to create an Anki Q&A template with the templater plugin?

Things I have tried

I want to insert the below text into any note. Hence, I have defined a simple Q&A template which inserts this:



But I want to place the cursor right where I have to type the question. So, I came across the templater plugin which seems to have {{tp_cursor}}. But I have not been able to set it up properly.

I have the following tempate defined:

And in my daily note, I typed {{qa}} and invoked ‘Replace Templates in active file’ but I got this error

I tried to go through the entire documentation of templater at Github, but still could not figure out how to make it work? All I need is a way to quickly insert the Q&A template with a hotkey and the cursor placed at the right location for me to type without using the mouse to move the cursor to the right place?

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