How to create a graph to follow the growth of my 2nd brain

I’m working for a week in a way to represent the evolution of the numbers of notes in obsidian in a specific folder.

I found that would be probably will dataviewjs and obsidian chart and after some research I’m blocked to make a dataview which represents the number of files for the time. Even chatgpt doesn’t know :sob::sweat_smile:.

So if some people can help plz. Thx already.

I am not quite sure if I understand what you are trying to do.

  1. Are you planning to create a plugin (because you posted under “Developers & API”)? If so, what exactly should this plugin be able to do?
  2. Or do you just want to show a Graph for a specific folder?
  3. Or do you want to count the number of files in a specific folder from day to day?

Oh, sorry, i don’t want to create a plugins but to understand how dataview and charts are working together in order to create a graph which represents the number of files in a folder in Y and the time in X. (Line graph)