How to create a folder in the iOS app

Things I have tried

Pushing every icon on both the left and right slide in menus in the iOS app. I have hunted and pecked until absolute furious frustration.
How the *&^% do I create a new folder in a vault in iOS?
No, I am not in any way using Obsidian sync right now, it isn’t turned on.
I don’t have an option anywhere that I can see to create a folder.

What I’m trying to do

  1. Tap the top-left (square shaped) icon that looks like a file list and a blank editor
  2. Click on Files. If you don’t see the Files option, click on the two-opposing-arrows icon
  3. The Files menu has a list of all the files and folders in the vault
  4. At the very bottom of that screen, there is a folder icon with a plus sign in it.
  5. Click that
  6. Celebrate (hopefully)
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THANK YOU!!! SO much. When I get frustrated it’s hard to see the rest of the screen. I completely missed it. Now I know where to look and what else to expect to see. Thank you SO much!

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Welcome. Been in the same situation myself. :rofl:


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