How to create a button for third level of Quick switcher?

How to create a button for third level of Quick switcher?
For example, in Editing toolbar this “id”: “canvas-filter:show-tags” works.
But “id”: “canvas-filter:show-tags:#1” doesn’t.

This doesn’t sound like any Quick Switcher related stuff I know of. It sounds like you’re probably using 1 or more plugins — if so, what are they? If not, we’ll need more details.

In case this is related to YAML, try removing the # because that marks comments in YAML.

Due to some buggy plugin “```query“ didn’t work for me in canvases. (((
Combination of plugins “Editing Toolbar“ and “Canvas Filter“. “Editing Toolbar“ creates a convenient button. “Canvas Filter: by TAG“ - show a note with the desired tag.
Unfortunately, “Canvas Filter: by TAG“ allows to create a button only up to 2 level of Quick switcher. Button to show all tags for selection, but not to select a special tag.
Do you know how soon the function “Bookmark this block“ will start working in canvases?

I’m still not sure what you mean by levels of Quick Switcher. This is the Quick Switcher:

It sounds like you’re talking about something else.

Otherwise I think I understand what you’re asking but I don’t know enough to help — hopefully someone else can.

Oh, sorry, I meant Command Palette not Quick Switcher.

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