How to configure detection of syntax for showing or hiding in preview mode

Things I have tried

i searched both * and *. and couldn’t find anything

What I’m trying to do

i turned on live preview because i need to see images that i paste in editing mode
And from now on, when i type such combination as " *.deb " , i see only " .deb"
But it must be shown.
Even if i dont use live prev. mode, when i open this text in read mode i won’t see this * symbol
Please tell me, how can i exclude this combination from detecting it as “must be hidden in preview mode” or smth, i dont exactly know the actual system
I need to know the method how i can configure such things, please!
Thank you!

to have your text show markdown formatting characters (e.g. _, *, ## ), you can escape them by typing \ before the character (see below)

blah blah  \*.deb

alternatively, you can also wrap it in back ticks (``) so your text would be like this

blah blah `*.deb`

which will produce like below (the *.deb) will be in code block font

blah blah *.deb

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