How to compile tasks from source note without linking

I am quite new to obsidian.

What I have:

  • note daily_tasks_group_1
  • daily_tasks_group_1 has a task list
  • some tasks have “#todo_daily” tag

What I am trying to achieve:

  • insert all tasks with “”#todo_daily" to a daily note
  • the tasks must be unchecked and not linked to daily_tasks_group_1

What I have so far:

const dailyTag = "#todo_daily";
const dailyTasks = dv.pages().file.tasks.where((task)=>{
	return task.tags.includes(dailyTag)
	.map((task) => {
		const dt = {
				completed: false, 
				fullyCompleted: false,
				tags: [],
				checked: false,
				real: false,
				status: " ",

				visual: task.text.replace(` ${dailyTag}`, '')
		return dt

const mdTaskList = dv.markdownTaskList(dailyTasks);

The issue:

  • Each time when the dataview renders it marks the tasks as “not competed”

How to limit it to render only once?