How to check for the presence of a tag outside any tasks in that note?

What I’m trying to do

When I tag a task with a tag, say #project1, then the note that holds the task inherits that tag.

Given that, how do I query for all notes tagged #project1 outside of any task?

Things I have tried

This is the closest I managed to get to what I want:

TABLE without ID
  filter(file.etags, (x) => contains(x,"#project1")) AS tag, AS Note
FROM #project1
WHERE !any(file.tasks.tags, (t) => contains(t,"#project1"))
SORT filter(file.etags, (x) => contains(x,"#project1"))

The problem with this query is that it merely excludes any notes that have the #project1-tag in a task, even though the tag might also be present outside a task.

Is there any way of checking for the presence of a tag outside the tasks?

Note: The query obviously does some more stuff unrelated to this question, so for anybody wondering: It gives me all notes tagged with #project one (and without any task tagged with #project1), and sorts them based on the tag hierarchy, and it also removes all irrelevant tags from the tag column.

As a side question: the query looks a bit redundant to me, with almost the same operation (contains()) being performed three times. Is there any way of improving the query in that respect?

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