How to check date and time last edited on Obsidian?

Hey everyone. Is there any way to see the date and time a markdown file was last edited in Obsidian. This might not be a feature yet and if not, are there any plugins that can resolve this issue?

Thanks for all the help!

Things I have tried

I’ve tried hovering my mouse over the document title but it doesn’t show the date and time? I’m not sure if there is something wrong with my computer

What I’m trying to do

What platform are you on?

I see date created and edited when I hover over files.

I’m on MAC IOS. I feel kind of dumb that I hovered over the title on the top instead of the title on the sidebar. That was my problem.

Is there any way to know when a file was last modified without using the sidebar though? I don’t really use the sidebar and searching for notes in the sidebar is pretty hard.

I think the current answer is there isn’t a way to see date modified without hovering over the file name in the File Explorer.

I can’t find any way.

That might be a nice feature, to be able to view the note metadata somewhere adjacent to the note. Would also be a decent plugin.

You can have a list of your most recently modified files with the modified date and time by using the dataview plugin. @EleanorKonik shared in the discord how she displays files modified in the past 24 hours.

TABLE file.mtime as Modified
FROM " "
WHERE date(now) - file.mtime <= dur(1 days)
SORT file.mtime desc

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