How to change the font in Longform files only?

Hello, I am a new Obsidian user, in the process of migrating a half-finished novel draft (and all its attendant notes and research) to this program, and also using the Longform plugin among others. So far I really enjoy the program! The problem I’m running into is to do with fonts. The standard Obsidian fonts are great for the notes, but I’m most comfortable doing my drafting in a large serif font. What I’d like to do is only change the font for Longform files/scenes, and leave the fonts everywhere else alone. I know just enough CSS to think that this can possibly be accomplished via a CSS snippet, but not enough CSS to actually accomplish it myself, hence I come begging help. Can someone please give me a hand?

The question, as always when doing CSS, is how do you differentiate the longform notes from other notes?

Are they in a different folder? Do they have a different template, where you might add in a cssClass field in the frontmatter?

Are you OK with entering the cssClass yourself in notes where it’s applicable?

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Thanks a ton for responding!

The Longform notes are in their own folder, though I haven’t yet really used templates in my vault.

I have been using dataview + front matter thusfar so, yes, I do feel comfortable using it and entering data there. How does one use cssClass in the front matter of an individual note?

EDIT: NVM I figured it out myself just now! Still, thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

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