How to change font SIZE in menu pane

The other day all of the font size of the text items in my left & right menu panes became tiny. It’s readable but I have to labor at it.

The font size in my main Note pane is fine. That is not the problem.

I tried installing various themes. They all have the same tiny print problem.

Where, exactly, is the setting to change the font sizes in the left & right panes???


Perhaps Settings > Appearance > Advanced → Zoom level ? The hotkey is command + or command - on the mac (not sure about Windows but you can use the slider).

You may then need to adjust your font size (just above the zoom section) to get it back to looking how you’d like.

The ZoomLevel only affects the note pane.

It is my left and right sidebars that have the problematic tiny font size. I have to strain to see the vault menu, tag lists, etc.


Hmm. The Zoom level changes everything for me.



You mentioned changing themes, but have you tried turning on restricted mode and restarting with no CSS snippets active?

Have a look here as well →