How to capture notes verbally

Sorry if this stretches the PKM label too much, I guess it comes under “capture”

I often walk and listen to audiobooks, and want to take notes, ideally using speech to text. The problem is I can’t find ear buds that have a good enough mic, they just butcher it!

Does anyone have any recommendations? Maybe a wireless set with a stem type mic? I’d prefer not to use a wired set, and ideally in ear not over ear so I can keep them in my pocket.

Or is there better software that can work with Obsidian?

Thanks in advance!

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You haven’t mentioned if you’re using iOS or Android. I get decent results with Siri on iOS using the Apple Airpods.

I’m also exploring options to “snip” sections as I’m listening that could then be transcribed later by AI and refined by me if needed. I’m doing something like this for podcasts wit the Snipd app since it came out, and the developers have mentioned potentially adding support for audiobooks as well in the future, so we’ll see.


If you’re on Android, I get excellent results with Samsung Galaxy Buds. The only thing you need to do is change your language to your specific region. I’m from New Zealand, and if I choose “English USA” or “English UK”, the phone has no idea what I’m saying because of the accent. Change it to “English New Zealand” and everything is perfect.


Thanks MV! I recently bought the Snipd early supporter year subscription, as it’s exactly what I’m after but only for podcasts, fingers crossed they’ll support audiobooks!