How to avoid redundancy on title of notes being part of a topic

Sorry, it’s hard to explain in the subject line.
The thing is, suppose I’m writing about Python, so I undestand how classes work, and create a note for that.
So here’s the problem… how should I title that note ?
If I name it Python classes, how would I name all the other notes about Python ?
Python variables, Python control statements, and so on ?
I think there is a lot of redundancy in the titles that way
Or should my notes have to be not so atomic in these cases ?

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Yes, there is some redundancy, but the benefit is that the title also cues you in to exactly what the note is about. As you review or link your notes some time later, you’ll have a better idea whether or not you that particular note is relevant.

You can also look at it from the other side. If you rename “Python Variables” to just “Variables”, what happens when you go to learn another language? Eventually, you may want a “Variables” note that has sections or links to “Imperative Language Variables”, “Functional Language Variables”, etc. which would then connect to the languages that fit those groupings. Even then, “Variable” might need to be “Programming Variables” if you also have notes on mathematics.

Also, one of the benefits of notes on the computer is that it is comparatively easy to rename, split, join or otherwise rearrange your notes. For a given note (as opposed to restructuring your whole vault) all of those are things are simple cut, copy, paste operations, which is way better than doing those same things on handwritten notes, which would involve some degree of rewriting them. You don’t have to worry about getting a perfect structure now, it can evolve as you add more notes and gain experience in how it works for you. Optimal organization for you may not look the same as it would for me or even for yourself sometime down the road.

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Why not just stick it in a folder called Python?

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I tought it, and that takes me to another point…
If I create a folder ‘Python’ is pretty sure that I’ll have notes with the same name under other folders (ie: C++) since languages shares a lot of concepts.
So that approach would work better if there is a way to perform searches from a current folder only, like making the python folder the root for a moment and change the context while I’m in that folder (as if it were another vault)
Is there any way to get that behavior ?

If you click the search in the sidebar, you will see that one of the available operators is path. So path:python variables would constrain a search to the Python folder. But I personally just use ⌘O (Ctrl+O on Windows), where you do not even need an operator to search the path. ⌘Opython variables would yield the same result whether your path is Scripting/Python Variables or Scripting/Python/Variables.