How to automatically collect links to books mentioned in my notes

What I’m trying to do


I’m trying to figure out the Dataview plugin. At the beginning of the documentation, this case is mentioned:

Automatically collect links to books in your notes and render them all sorted by rating.

I’m trying to implement this in my Vault, but so far, no luck.

In my Vault, I have a folder called Daily Notes. If I read a book during the day, I mention this book by title. For example, on Monday, there might be such an entry:

  • 09:00 [[Iliad]]

And on Tuesday, another one:

  • 10:00 [[Odyssey]]

[[Iliad]] and [[Odyssey]] reference files with the same property: “type” = “book.”

What query should I write to make Dataview list all files with “type” = “book” that are referenced in daily notes for a specific (configurable) period?

Thank you!

Things I have tried

Sorry if my question sounds stupid, these are my first baby steps doing anything code-related. I did try and read documentation for couple of hours, but couldn’t make it work so far.

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