How to assign Note that has #tag1 and #tag2 to Group1 (#tag1) or Group2(#tag2)?

Things I have tried

I rearranged the group’s order in settings by dragging them, and it worked, but I want to keep N Notes (with #tag1 and #tag2) assigned to Group1, while other Notes with the same tags assigned to Group2. (N is a generalization of a number of notes). How can I accomplish this?
Reordering tags in notes didn’t help either.

Hi 83demon, is there any other aspect of the notes you could use to separate them between the groups? Path/folder the note is in, filename, content of a line in the note, content in a section, …
Here is more information on Obsidian search options, though when I create a new “Groups” box I get a popup with available options that is smaller than the full list documented at that link, so you might want to double-check.
Good luck!

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