How to assign a hotkey to an option in the context menu

What I’m trying to do

I want to invoke a command in the context menu by using a hotkey, but with no idea how to assign a hotkey to it.

For example, I’d like to just copy (but not open) the url which is under the cursor position. It seems that no corresponding commands available in the command palette, but only provided an option in the context menu.
If there is any plugin for this feature, please let me know, thanks.

Can you navigate context menu using keyboard? You can make a keyboard macro that opens context menu and then selects an action. You might be able to navigate using initial letters i.e. when the context menu is open, pressing p will navigate to paste and then press enter. In mac there are accessibility settings to open context menu using keyboard.

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Thanks for reply. However, the problem is not opening the context menu using the keyboard, since there is a command called “show context under cursor position” provided.

The issue is that in Win11 I can only navigate the context menu using the up and down arrow keys, with multiple presses required instead of being able to type the initial letters to directly focus on the “Copy URL” option…

the Links (eta: Obsidian plugin store link) plugin will allow you to create a hotkey to copy the destination of any link under the cursor! I just tested it myself (am also on win11) since I hadn’t gotten the chance to explore the plugin much yet and it works nicely.

Thank you, it really works well.

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