How to always show file path/name in tab title bar (not just on hover)

Things I have tried

  1. Looked through the settings
  2. Looked for plugins

What I’m trying to do

I want the full path and filename in the top tab bar to always be shown.
Right now, it shows when I hover over it only.
Is there a way so it always stays visible?

Ok, turns out this was hidden by the Minimal theme, and can be overridden if you dig into the guts of theme using the style settings plugin.

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I also use the Minimal theme and your info helped me to track it down.
Paying it forward for the next user

within your vault alter the following file
.obsidian > themes > Minimal > theme.css
around line 1636 change the default value

		id: file-header-visibility
		title: Tab title visibility
		description: Visibility of the tab title text
		type: class-select
		default: minimal-tab-title-visible
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There’s no need for you to change that in the file. Those are settings for the Style Settings Community Plugin by mgmeyers. You can install that and you will get lots of options to customise the theme to your liking. Most themes benefit from having the Style Settings Plugin installed, as the creators add lots of options to their theme for this plugin to read.

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Just for reference sake, if you’re using Minimal theme, and you want to turn on the full file path (including the name of the file) in the tab title bar, and not just on hover you need to do this:

  • Install the Style Settings plugin
  • Enable the Minimal theme
  • Go to Settings > Style Settings
  • Navigate/Expand the collapsible menus to: Minimal > Titles > Tab title bar
  • Change the Tab title visibility to Visible. (Other options are Hoved only which is the default, and Hidden to always hide it)

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