How to add date in alias of daily note in tandem with the date in daily note file name

BTW the wording for the title might not be right, I’m not sure if “in tandem” is the right term here.

I want to add the non-numeric date of each daily note as their alias, e.g. January 15, 2021, but I also want to keep the numeric date found on the file name, e.g. 2021-01-15. I can certainly create the alias using the Templater plugin by adding {{tp_today}} to my daily notes template, but here’s my problem:

Sometimes I want to create daily notes from the future in advanced, either using the Calendar or Review plugins. Unfortunately, when I do create these notes, the {{tp_today}} would show today’s date instead of the date intended for that daily note. Do you guys have any idea how I can create the alias so that the date would correspond to the date for the daily note and not in relation to the current one?

What I’ve tried:

I’ve tried using the Templater plugin’s {{tp_title_today}}, which worked when I tested it for previous daily notes and got my hopes up a bit. It didn’t work when I tested creating tomorrow’s note using both the Calendar and Review plugins as it still showed today’s date :c

On another note:

Is there any particular reason why most Obsidian users use numerical dates 2021-01-15 for the file name of their daily notes instead of January 15, 2021? Hoping the mods don’t mind that I’m asking here instead of another post :3

Can’t help with the real question unfortunately.

I use the 2021-01-15 format mostly because it’s easier to sort. (I sort alphabetically and want the daily note on Jan. 15 2021 to be followed by the one on Jan. 16, and not by the one on Jan. 15 2022.)
It is also easier to glance through when you have a lot of daily notes (although this may be just because I’m used to it).

Hope you find a solution for the original issue.

This is a bit of a late response, but shortly after I made this post, the developer for the Templater plugin changed the {{tp_title_today}} to {{tp_title_date}}, which served my purpose. While I’m still having some bugs with this, it definitely works and is what I needed.

On another note…

Hypothetically, let’s say that we create a folder for each month of the year, and each year be its own folder also. Would sorting still be a problem then if we use the non-numerical dates for file names?

That is what I literally do with mine: at the end of every month, I create a new folder and set it accordingly in the Daily Notes plugin options so that all of my daily notes throughout the month get created in their respective folders, and of course I create a new folder for the next year that way different months and years don’t get mixed together, e.g. it prevents the problem you gave of the daily note for Jan 15 2021 being followed by Jan 15 2022 (since this is done monthly and annually, it’s not really not that much of a hassle to do).

The structure would look like this:

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