How sync 2 pc with obsidian and github


I use the obsidian git plugin.

But the command in obsidian git is different than gi on terminal.

Is it possible to make a new branch on git obsidian.

Or make a git add . + git commit -m 'my commit" + git push origin master ?

I try it but i can’t …

Why do you need a new branch?

By the way, the correct syntax is git add . + …

If you are on PC, just install Github Desktop and conduct all git through that.

I ask the question for the plugin obsidian git
To do it directly in obsidian
But otherwise i use gitBash and the classic command.

It’s good to learn the commands, I agree. Otherwise I’d still let GH deal with my stuff (for several reasons).
I have no experience using the plugin for commands. I wouldn’t touch it if I was on a PC. My two cents.

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