How secure do you think are plaintext files stored on local computer?

I’m considering developing a plugin on security recently. Since the data is stored locally in .md format and may contain a lot of sensitive data, it made me curious about a security question: how secure do you think is the local plaintext storage?

If we are more specific: how secure is local plaintext on Mac and iPhone?

Let’s consider:

  1. If the device gets lost. I have opened FileVault on Mac and iPhone has a fingerprint lock and password. Is this secure enough?

  2. Do some software scan the local files? How big is this risk?

  3. Something like Spotlight on Mac does scan all the local plaintext, does this pose a security risk?

  4. Are there any other risks you could think of?

The thing is: Local plaintext storage sounds beautiful, but is it really more secure than end-to-end encrypted cloud storage?

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Moved to Help because this isn’t a plugin idea.

What specific threats are you concerned about?

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It is not secure, but still much better than non-local options. You can encrypt the hard drive at start up, so if someone still it can’t open anything plain text or not. I really like to test some of these encryption plugins that already exit for obsidian, But i am not confident to not mess things up, and lock myself into it and destroy all my data. I think it would be a good idea to be added to the core obsidian. I would feel much safer to use it personally.

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Spotlight has a privacy option in which you can specify which folders will not be indexed.

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There’s already a plug-in for that. Especially v2 GitHub - meld-cp/obsidian-encrypt: Hide secrets in your vault

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