How Obsidian is useful for a student

Hi all. I am very much new and a novice on Obsidian. Have been using Remnote from past 10 days and earlier was using anki and one note (occassionally notion) for my note taking.
My requirements are-

  1. To learn fact based info for my MCQ based exam
  2. To learn topics of my syllabus which require some research from net. These topics pertain to economics,financial market etc.

All these notes should come as handy when reviewing them before my exams. And anki or anki like flashcard would help a lot in reviewing notes.
So please tell me whether obsidian will fulfill my requirement as long term companion or should i stick with remnote which combines SRS and roam like features to the some extent.
Please help and enlighten me… Thanks in advance.

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I built a few scripts for myself to deal with notes of many kinds, and I tried TheBrain and others, but I think this is the way.
As a student, I find it super wasteful to take notes and get them to be stagnant or worse in the other book later on but here I can continue to expand the network.
With this tool, you can always expand, re-edit, and add connections to concepts. It is tremendous.
You may be a bit put off by the text interface, but it is super powerful and; in contrast to say Evernote, the formatting is done elsewhere and you don’t have to fight the tools intentions.

The “your data is on your machine” is a huge plus for me, should obsidian no longer be available for some reason, my data is still in a standard format that is easy to use.
There is an Anki script that will likely be available as an Anki Plugin, and there is NeuraCache also.
The mermaid integration is awesome too, for quick graphs and stuff.
I am waiting for the .bib integration for paper citations so that (@miller93) will put in the full and correct citation for you.

Hope this helps a bit.