How is collapsible outline block functionality accessed like in Nick Milo's LYT MOC Pages

Hello! Can anyone explain to me how to enable “collapsible” outline blocks in notes?

The image below shows the “little triangles” next to each block, which when clicked on collapse and expand the block.

I’m using the “Obunto” community theme. Sorry if I’m missing something obvious.

Thanks for any help in sorting this out.

Open settings (gear icon on left). Then choose Editor on left and scroll to see and enable Fold heading and Fold indent.

In your image, the triangles are heading folds.

Fold indents applies to lists and even as little as a single space of indentation, but I usually use tabs to keep it consistent and a little more obvious.

To start a list, you can do - then a space. You can also use a single asterisk then a space, but you should be aware that with two asterisks, anything between them is bolded, so avoid that. This previews as a circle bullet. You can also initiate a checkbox list with a ctrl enter. Another ctrl enter will check the box, and again will uncheck it.

Hope that helps some. The search function and quality of posts here on this forum is great if you are patient. The help (?) icon above settings gear opens the help vault which demonstrates a lot of functionality. Using the split and linked panes and having one in edit and other in preview is great to quickly see what’s available and how it is accomplished.

Good luck.



Thank you so much!

Not only for the specific advice in regards to where to find and enable the “folding” functionality, but also your suggestion of splitting the help frame into edit and preview mode side by side.

I just started with Obsidian a few days ago and have never used markdown or a software tool like this before.

I can hardly believe how powerful making a bunch of notes and seeing how my ideas connect and how I’m able to connect them which I was previously missing out on. I feel smarter and happier as a result of feeling smarter.

Again many thanks for your efforts to help me and make my life easier and more fulfilling by facilitating my use of Obsidian.