How I Journal with Obsidian (VIDEO)

I wanted to share my journaling setup on Obsidian and hopefully bring some light to digital journaling as well! Here’s the YouTube video of it!


Ren! I love your videos!

Very nice video, Ren. Thanks for taking the time to do this and I love your idea for an obsidian course.

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I love that you are using journal-ling in a reflective way. My name is Kane Dodgson and I am an artist and a psychotherapist… sounds like a confession… I moved over from Roam Research for several reasons. There I was building a series of self-therapy journal-ling courses but i would rather build them in obsidian mainly as my general client base are people who couldn’t afford $15 a month and also for personal therapeutic journal-ling roam is not secure for that where as locally stored files in obsidian is (confidentiality). I would be very interested in talking with you more and maybe collaborating in the future or with anyone interested in self evidenced self-therapy journal-ling in obsidian. I also find this community to be a lot more inclusive and friendly.


Hey everybody :slight_smile:
We are planning a Community Showcase on journalling happening in two weeks.
Would anyone here be open to speaking about Obsidian and journalling?
It can be as short or long as you want, and about any related topic, like Resonance Calendars, Quantified Self, or anything you would like to speak about.
DM me here or on Discord if you’re interested!

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Hello, I use it for self reflection using therapeutic processes, I also teach my therapy clients to use journaling to rewrite their past, present and future stories

Would you like to participate? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Can you message me any details I would be happy to join in if I am free at the time