How I can use a question as a node?

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in theBrain I often use trigger questions. If you use Obsidian and also type a questions as the node (titel of the note), than I run in an error.

How I can use a ? in my titel?

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P.S. How I can allow all kind of keyboard sign in the node (title of the note)?

I frequently phrase notes as questions. They’re in between indexes/MOCs and atomic notes for me. I just don’t include a question mark. Works just fine.

As long as the note name is used as the filename you are limited by the file system you’re using. And the legal characters vary slightly between the various operating systems.

If you truly want to use every character available for the title, you need to switch away from using the filename, and rather use an inline title in your notes. Obsidian allows for this to be done, but the filename will always have restrictions (as long as you don’t use some variant of URL encoding or similar in the filename(, which would require something extra out of Obsidian))

I got no idea,
But you can use an Imoji: :grey_question:

Like others said, the question mark character is limited in file names (for Windows at least). I typically use the double question mark character ( ⁇ (U+2047)) for my question file names. I’ve also seen people use interrobang U+203D ‽ For the same purpose.

Granted these are not on the keyboard so you’ll have to rig it somehow or use the emoji panel (Win + . Shortcut)

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