How good is it to merge all my bases?

Hello guys!
Yesterday i realised that i have several main knowledge bases.

Firstly, i created base about fantastic story which im planning create. Now it has above than 100 notes, it making me happy. Later a created other base about one more story, but it has less note number. Also today i have third knowledge base where i writing my plans for day, memories and theories. Summary i has more than 200 note.

Well, I realised Im not very comfortable with switch between my vaults and i want to know about merging multiply vaults into one. Im not hard to do it, but i worried about how reasonable it. You make one large vault and how convenient is it?

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I use 1 vault for everything (over 5,000 items with folders) and it works well for me. I use folders to divide things (but try not to use too many) and try to avoid duplicate names.

I might still use 1 or more separate vaults for specialized purposes, but I haven’t yet (I mean, not since I had a separate vault and abandoned it because, as you say, switching between vaults is uncomfortable).

I’m hoping someday the devs will improve the vault-switching experience, which right now is badly designed. But even then, if things will link together much they’ll work better in 1 vault.


Lots of people who use Obsidian combine all their areas, projects and interests in one vault. So do I. I have university notes, work and private projects, all kinds of resources all in one vault.

It’s great to combine different areas because at some point you will have researched a topic and then realise you want to connect it to other parts of your knowledge base. The same idea might apply to more than one context.

See Eleanor’s vault, for example: Eleanor's Notes - Obsidian Publish

She has all of her research, her published work like newsletters and also the world building for story-telling all in one vault. And it works because she can cross-reference things. :slight_smile: