How future-proof is usage of Pandoc in plugins?

As far as I understand Obsidian will get versions for mobile platforms which won’t necessarily have Pandoc available.
So is it even a viable idea to make a plugin dependent on Pandoc?

I wonder why won’t Obsidian devs use something like Flutter or Kotlin/Multiplatform to make a common Obsidian framework for all desktop/web/mobile platforms and use Electron.js instead?

There is nothing more multiplatform than html/css/js.

@WhiteNoise, Pandoc is very powerful, there are no alternatives for it in JS ecosystem. And I reckon it could be compiled for Android/iOS devices. How viable is the idea of doing it and including into Obisidian and making it available for plugins? Is there any chance of Obsidian devs doing that? I think that would open a lot of possibilities.

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