How fast is Obsidian Sync?

Hello, I am currently using Onedrive as Syncing method, on Windows this works just fine, but on Linux I have to mount the OneDrive via RClone which isnt reall that fast. So my question is if Obsidian Sync would be faster and if it would Sync all files in my Vault, also PDFs and stuff.

I am also using Obsidian Git as Version Control and backup.

Thank you in advance

I couldn’t say if it’s really faster than OneDrive, not having tried. But it’s still fast in my opinion, faster than freefilesync or syncthing.
And yes, it is possible to synchronize all our files in our safe regardless of the type, even code files or other for example.

Thank you for your quick answer. Atm I am experiencing a long load time when first opening because it has to load them from OneDrive first, would that change?

Yes, loading the vault is faster with obsidian sync, since it will not rescan all the files in the vault upon loading, but will synchronize them afterwards, once the vault is loaded. On the other hand, if we don’t wait for the safes to finish synchronizing after opening, it can cause weird synchronization things.

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Thank you, I might try it and see for myself.

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