How exactly does excluding folders from sync work

I use my laptop as my primary device, I also us obsidian sync to sync to a couple of phones, ipad, pc, etc.

Now if I exclude a folder on my primary computer it won’t get sent to the other devices.

What if it’s already on the other devices? If I remove that folder from a secondary device, will it get removed from the primary? Will it remove the folder from secondary devices?

Excluding a folder prevents it from sending or receiving changes. If the folder already exists on another device and is not excluded from sync there, changes to it will affect the remote vault and any devices connected to it which have not excluded the folder from sync.

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ok so I need to exclude it on the device that I want to remove it from… THanks.

what about if I change the name of an excluded folder? Does it get updated in the setting?

I don’t know but I’m guessing it doesn’t, and that it will then be synced. Other settings that take file/folder names/paths don’t update.

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